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If you are like most people in Henderson – and virtually anywhere else, you spend a great deal of your time in the kitchen when you’re home. A space for cooking and eating your meals to a place where you hang out with family and friends, the kitchen truly has become the heart of every home.

Since you’re in the kitchen several times a day, your countertop is something you use and look at a lot, so loving it is a must. And if you want to add a gorgeous statement to elevate your kitchen, you may be thinking of getting those luxurious marble countertops you’ve seen featured a gazillion times on Instagram and Pinterest.

And what’s not to love about this natural stone? Marble is celebrated for creating surfaces with unrivaled beauty and durability. In fact, it’s been used for building some of the world’s most iconic sculptures and architectural marvels throughout history. These include the Washington Monument, the Taj Mahal, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

So why not in your kitchen countertops? This classic building material is perfect for adding aesthetic appeal, kitchen design flair, and protection around sinks and countertops. Not fully sold yet? Let’s go into the details of the many benefits that marble kitchen countertops can bring to your Henderson home.

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Marble Countertop Fact

Marble is known as a metamorphic stone, which begins it’s life as limestone or dolomite buried deep in the Earth. Over the span of hundreds of years, Earth’s immense pressure and high heat compacts the original stone. This results in massive blocks of marble that are even harder than the original stone!

Marble Countertops Provide Elegant Beauty

When it comes to elegance and timeless charm, marble is a classic. It has been prized for thousands of years for its stunning beauty and as a symbol of wealth, opulence, tradition, and refined taste. So it’s no surprise that marble remains the preferred choice of many homeowners, architects, and designers for kitchen countertops.

One of the top qualities of marble is its wide color variety and lovely crystal structure. It comes in hues of milky white, salmon pink, taupe, chocolate brown, coal-black, and emerald green, among many others. With the vast array of color options, you are sure to find a marble slab that will match the color scheme and architectural style of your kitchen.

Among the marble colors available, white remains the top choice of many for their kitchen countertops. White marble, like the Volakas White (Greece) and the Carrara White (Italy), is the purest marble. It is the type that Renaissance artists carved into statues. As a countertop, white marble is very versatile. It complements a variety of building materials, including stainless steel, wood, and tile. Plus, it accepts various surface finishes, including polished and honed (matte).

The veining is another distinguishing feature of marble. This natural stone has variations in veins and swirl patterns, which no engineered stone can match. Each type of marble has a different pattern, just like a fingerprint, which is dependent on the place and time of its extraction.

Veins, color, and pattern combinations vary among each marble slab. Hence, every single piece of marble on the market is unique, making it more appealing. You will never find the exact marble slab you installed in your kitchen anywhere else in the world.

Choose From A Wide Selection of Colors & Patterns!

Marble is a flexible natural stone. Compared to granite that tends to chip more easily, marble cuts like a dream. With its softness and overall workability, marble allows for fancier designs without fear of damage relative to other types of stone.

A marble countertop can incorporate designs with curves, arches, squares, and ovals. Also, it can have fancy ogee edges and accommodate other profile styles. A marble counter can easily be custom-built to fit the design of your dream kitchen, no matter how fancy it is.

Marble is that classic building material that complements both traditional style and modern interiors. It doesn’t matter if you have a farmhouse, an industrial, or an ultra-modern kitchen; a marble countertop can match any architectural style.

We also offer granite countertops if you’re looking for more countertop options. Give us a call and one of our countertop experts will help you find the right stone and style for your kitchen.

Marble Countertops Age Beautifully

Used for thousands of years as a building material, marble’s ability to withstand the test of time is proven. When properly sealed and maintained and installed by an expert, you can expect to enjoy the beauty of your marble countertops to last a lifetime.
Some extra TLC is required to preserve your marble counter’s exceptional beauty, though. Because of its crystalline structure, marble is a porous stone. It is susceptible to stains and sensitive to acidic substances, like lemon juice, vinegar, or even tomato sauce.

To prevent stains or any discoloration, make sure to clean and dry your marble kitchen countertops after every use. Don’t let any liquid, such as oil, wine, juice, and anything acidic, sit on its surface for too long. It’s also recommended to apply a stone sealer on the marble counter once or twice a year. What regular sealing does is it gives you a window period to prevent colored liquids from seeping through your marble’s surface.

Marble is also prone to scratches and chips because of its mineral composition. So it’s best not to cut directly on your marble countertop and use a cutting board instead for your meal preparation. Also, remember not to drag plates, trays, or other kitchen items as these can scratch the countertop’s surface.

Stains, scratches, and etches, all these are superficial flaws that do not affect marble’s functionality as a kitchen countertop. Through the years, these blemishes would become subtle reminders of household stories that became imprinted on the slab. What you’ll notice is how your marble counter develops a certain luster and patina over time. The scratches and etches have become part of the marble’s character.

Wide Ranging Functionality

It’s true that marble is sought after for its aesthetic charm. But do you know that it is also an ideal work surface even with its inherent “softness.”
Marble countertops provide a flat, smooth surface suited for all kinds of kitchen preparations. If properly sealed and maintained with care, it lends itself well to daily kitchen use. It is hard enough to withstand high traffic and can also hold up to heat without melting or cracking. Although, it’s best not to put extremely hot items directly on the stone, like piping hot pots and pans.

Additionally, marble absorbs heat naturally better than other materials, such as plastic or wood, because of its high thermal conductivity. You don’t have to worry about damaging the stone when setting down freshly baked cookies, for example.

To top that, it is simple to clean. No need for special cleansers for everyday cleaning; just wipe off the area with a dry paper towel. From time to time, use a soft cloth and a specially formulated stone cleaner for a more thorough cleaning.

Marble Countertops Increase Your Home's Value

Adding a marble countertop is a huge expense, in fact, much higher than other high-end surfaces. Not to mention that it will require extra maintenance and upkeep. But marble remains at the top of the list when thinking about a kitchen remodel.

The main reason? Marble can transform your traditional kitchen into an extraordinarily beautiful space for preparing meals and entertaining. It adds a touch of class and sophistication to the aesthetics of your cooking space.

And of course, you’ll surely increase the value of your home by installing marble countertops. Should you decide to sell your property later on, the elegance of this luxury surface will undoubtedly appeal to the new homeowners.

For all these reasons, adding marble kitchen countertops is one of the best investments you can make for your Henderson home. Ready to find that perfect marble countertop for your kitchen remodel or new build? Contact a trusted custom countertop provider that can be there with you every step of the way.

Marble Countertops Fact

Marble has always been known for it’s reflective, appealing look. The word marble actually comes from the ancient Greek term “marmar”, which is a verb that means “to glisten”!

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If you want a kitchen surface that stands out in form and function, invest in a marble slab today. As long as you choose carefully, know what to expect, and can handle the extra upkeep required, then marble countertops can be a beautiful, functional choice for your kitchen that can last a lifetime.

Now the next question is: Can you DIY the installation of a marble counter? Not easily. Fabrication and installation of natural stone requires a high level of expertise and is best left in the hands of professionals. Improper installation can easily ruin the entire slab. For that reason, you should turn to a qualified general contractor or specialty contractor like us for the job.

We take great pride in the quality of our work and make every effort to meet and even exceed your expectations. With our kitchen countertop experience and expertise, you’ll rest assured that you’ll have marble countertops that best complements your Henderson home and fits your budget.

Learn more about what we offer by giving us a call or sending an email. Then schedule a free consultation. Let us explain to you how simple it is to make your kitchen as elegant and sophisticated as those in your Pinterest board. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Marble Countertops FAQ

Now that you’re considering marble countertops for your kitchen remodel or new build, it’s understandable that you’ll have a ton of questions. Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the natural stone. If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team via phone or email. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you have.

Q. What is Marble Exactly?

A. Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone. Over time, the metamorphic limestone is recrystallized by severe heat and pressure deep beneath the earth and becomes marble. The veining, which is marble’s distinguishing feature, is the result of impurities in the original limestone.

There are many different types of marble, with their names coming from the location of their quarries. Some examples are Calcutta marble, Carrara Italian marble, Danby from Vermont, Paros and Pantelli from Greece, and Yule from Colorado.

Prized for its natural beauty, marble has been commonly used for sculpture and as a building material since ancient times. Today, this classic building material is coming into modern homes as kitchen countertops.

Q. How Much Do Marble Countertops Cost?

A. When it comes to determining marble countertops costs, it will depend on the type of marble that you choose. There are rare types of marble that can be pricey But, with the advent of more efficient extraction techniques and less expensive ocean-freighting costs, the price of quarried slab marble has gone down considerably in recent years. The most common type of marble, labeled as Carrara, is actually less expensive compared to some other natural stone materials. Also, there is an option to buy cultured marble countertops that fall within the affordable range.

Remember that marble prices go up and down, depending on the availability of the stone from quarries all around the world. The complexity of the job, which covers the number of seams and corners and the finish you want, will also affect your marble countertops’ cost.

On average, low-end marble countertops cost about $45 per square foot. For high-end marble countertops made from rare types of marble, you’ll have to spend upwards of $180 per square foot or higher.

Wee also offer quartz countertops in case you’d like to see more options outside of marble. Just give us a call and one of our experts will set up a time to go over your many options!

Q. How Do You Clean Marble Kitchen Countertops?

A. Marble kitchen countertops are easy to clean. You just need a pH-neutral soap and warm water. Fully cover the counter with soapy water and then scrub gently using a soft towel. Steer clear of acidic cleaners as these can harm marble. Next, use a fresh damp cloth to wipe away all of the soap.

Make sure the countertop is completely dry after cleaning as even water can penetrate unsealed or weakened areas and cause etches or dull spots. To give the marble a little polish, wipe with a soft chamois or microfiber cloth.

​For more thorough cleaning, you can use a marble-specific stone cleaner and polish.

Q. Does Marble Have To Be Sealed?

A. Yes, definitely. As it is a porous material, marble has pores or tiny holes that air and liquids can penetrate. This can be a major concern in kitchens where spills are common. Without proper sealing, food and liquids can penetrate the stone, which can lead to permanent stains, discoloration, and etching.

Typically, you can seal marble yourself. The professional installer will brief you about the proper sealing method for your specific product. The process usually involves spraying a sealing agent on the stone and rubbing it in using a soft cloth. With the effect of the stone sealer wearing over time, you need to do seal your marble counter two times, at most, each year.

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